STIGA® Snowracer® Colour Pro Graphite Grey


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You Will Fly in the Snow

Zip down the hill in furious speed, controlled by the fantastic Curve Ski System, Colour PRO is designed for speed–and action-lovers.

  • Automatic Winder, Steering Spring, Brake
  • Steering wheel with grip zones
  • Frame: Steel tubes/graphite grey
  • Brake: High-tensile steel/graphite grey
  • Seat: HD Polyethylene/black
  • Skis: HD Polyethylene/black
  • Steering wheel: HD Polyethylene/black
  • Curve Ski System

With improved steering capacity, the curved shaped of the front ski flies faster on the snow compared to a straight ski, and it is easier to maneuver.  The “twin tip” shape of the skis allows you to go backwards down the hill.  The calibration between the front and rear skis gives you outstanding control when the speed is increased, making the Snowracer more flexible than ever.  The two-component steering wheel is comprised on non-slip material for that extra safety.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 32 × 5 in

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