STIGA® Snowracer® Classic White




With a focus on safety and environment, the Classic Snowracer is a cart with stable and robust construction.

Manufacturer: STIGA®

  • Standard safety steering wheel, Standard seat, Brake, Steering spring
  • Frame: Steel tubes/white
  • Brake: High tensile steel/black
  • Seat: HD Polyethylene/black
  • Skis: HD Polyethylene /black
  • Steering wheel: HD Polyethylene/black
  • Automatic Winder

The White Classic Snow Racer with winder. Equipped with a safety wheel, a robust frame, non-locking brakes and a steering spring that makes the Snow Racer turn away and stop if you happen to fall.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 34 × 8 in

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