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STIGA Play + Black Helmet w/MIPS is a safe, comfortable helmet that is designed for active children. With a helmet on their head, your child can play, skate or cycle without having to worry about knocking their head. The MIPS technology means that there is a low friction bearing between the shell and the liner thus allowing the helmet to follow the movement of the head and protect it against hard knocks. It reduces the risk of head injury regardless of the angle of the knock. See below for more information about MIPS. The helmet also has an extra hard, scratch-resistant, coated nylon shell and an EPP liner that protect against hard, repeated knocks and when the helmet is thrown to the ground. Of course, the helmet is certified according to the EN 1080 standard and features the green buckle that is recommended for children up to the age of seven. The green buckle means that the chin strap opens automatically when exposed to loads of 9-16 kg, for example if a child finds themselves hanging by the chin strap. The helmet’s soft padding, vent holes and inner elastic mean that it sits comfortably on the child’s head while providing a good air flow. Play + is suitable for use all year round, be it for cycling, scooting or sledging. We recommend wearing a helmet with all the Stiga Snowracers, and the Stiga Play+ Black Helmet w/MIPS is your best choice! The sporty, modern design will be an eye catcher on the slopes.

  • EPP filling
  • MIPS Brain Protection
  • EN1080 certified buckle
  • The green buckle is recommended for children up to the age of seven.
  • Size (48-52 cm)


What is MIPS?



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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 20 × 11 in

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