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Introducing the newest Huffy Green Machine – Get ready for drift & spin sidewalk fun! The Huffy Green Machine drift trike is simple to ride; simply pedal the front wheel to accelerate and use the dual-stick controls to turn left and right. The plastic rear wheels make it easy to slide and drift around on hard surfaces. The front wheel is equipped with a coaster brake; simply pedal backwards to slow down and stop. The rubber air-filled front tire provides excellent traction for acceleration and stopping. This drift trike is designed to fit kids 8 years old and above with a maximum weight of 180 pounds. It has the style to match its performance; the gray frame is complemented by bright green control sticks and wheel rims. The front wheel has a futuristic graphic insert. The Green Machine is protected by Huffy’s limited lifetime frame warranty. Huffy: We make fun!


  • The easy reach dual stick steering keeps the rider in control of the fun
  • The specially designed bucket seat supports the sides during spins – and stays comfortable!
  • The Huffy Green Machine is fully adjustable to help you maintain the right fit with growing kids
  • Durable frame is designed for the perfect ride
  • 20-inch front pneumatic tire provides excellent grip and traction
  • Spins and slides come easily with the super-slick rear wheels and the wide pivot
  • Take control – lose control and have fun – with Huffy






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Weight 36 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 22 × 10 in

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