Huffy Scooters

Huffy Wheeled Goods and Huffy scooters is a new category of products we are offering. Huffy Wheeled Goods includes Huffy Good Vibrations Cruiser Bikes, Huffy Battery Ride-On Vehicles, Huffy Pre-School Three Wheel Scooters and Huffy Three Wheel electric battery-operated Bubble Scooters. The scooter category includes Pre-School Three Wheel Scooters and Three Wheel electric battery-operated Bubble Scooters. The Preschool scooters have a balanced three-wheel design. The Preschool scooters come with a handlebar bin. The Preschool scooters have colourful graphic designs. We have 3 styles: The Marvel Spiderman preschool scooter (model 28661C), the Disney/Pixar Cars preschool scooter (model 28628), and the Disney Princess preschool scooter (model 28651C).

The Huffy Preschool Bubble Scooter Battery Ride-On Toys have a 6-volt battery. Huffy’s exclusive 2-in-1 design; push the button to go or switch to kid power for foot powered action. Bubble Scooters have a wide non-slip deck with fun graphics. Bubble Scooters come with bubble solution. The Bubble Scooters feature several fun characters. There are 3 different Paw Patrol Bubble Scooters: Paw Patrol in blue (model 18151), Skye in pink (model 18111), and Marshall in red (model 18121). The Huffy Bubble scooters also feature My Little Pony (model 18071) and Tonka (model 18061).

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